In Eclipse

In Eclipse (2007) came about whilst digitally remastering work originally produced in the early 1980s on U-matic analogue videotape. Tim Howle took this visual material and reworked his own archival sound into a new electroacoustic soundtrack, once again exploring the themes of analogous practices between visual moving image making and electroacoustic music composition. In Eclipse brings back into the light of day and off the dusty archive shelves, analogue based work that had been previously eclipsed by time and brings it into the digital domain. A work in two halves where Super 8 footage of a now demolished power station originally shot in 1985, featuring in-camera fast cuts of the decaying power structure through which late afternoon sunshine flickers and bleeds, a sun eclipsed by a post-industrial landscape. A brief 16mm shot of the 1999 solar eclipse is the only visual addition to the earlier 1980s edit (Health and Efficiency, 1985) and marks the transition from day to a virtual night, when a sequence of multilayered analogue video in which barely seen figures are obscured by layers of shifting colour, light and shade. These figures themselves eclipsed by the audio-visual treatment Using a Sony Time Based Corrector to effect and manipulate a previously edited analogue video source (Amen: Survive the Coming Hard Times, 1985) superimposed with single frame animated colour Super 8 flicker film experiments transposed to video.

Screenings, presentations, performances


Journeys in Film – Beyond Film, Experimental Film Festival; Gala Theatre and Cinema, Durham, November 2008.
The Alternative Film and Video Festival; Academic Film Center, Belgrade, Serbia, December 2007.

Tim Howle rehearsing for a live sound diffusion performance; SEAMUS, Indiana, April 2009.

Invited Presentation and Performance of Work;

Surrounded Symposia; Royal Music Association/Keele University, Keele University, England, May 2007.

Journal of Media Practice Symposium; University of Bristol, June 2007.
SEAMUS (Society for Electro- Acoustic Music of the United States) Annual Conference; Indiana USA, April 2009.

Audiograft – Oxford’s Festival of Sound Art and Contemporary Music; Jacqueline Du Pre Concert Hall, Oxford, February 2011

Electroacoustic Movies: Open Circuits, Son et Lumieres, In Eclipse, In Girum,  (2003-2008). Screening: MuVi3 – Video and Moving Image: On Synesthesia and Visual Music, University of Almeira, Spain, Feb-March 2012.

Featured in the book Video and Moving Image – on synaesthesia and visual music / MuVi 3 Ricco, D. and Jose de Cordoba, M. (eds) (2012) Ediciones Fundacion International Artecitta, Granada, Spain ISBN-13: 978-84-939054-3-9.

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