In Girum

For In Girum (2007/8), abstracted visuals shot on DV digital video and Super 8 film at a variety of funfairs were montaged and edited using Final Cut Pro software, exploring the liminal spaces the funfair offers, the carnival of consumption. The actual stomach churning disorientation of the rides and their mechanical hydraulic constructions being reworked into a simulated visual space which intends to explore augmented realities. Virilio’s ‘over-excited man’ meets Debord’s analysis of the Spectacle. The title echoing Debord’s use as a film title of the Latin palindrome In Girum Imus Nocte Et Consumimur Igni, translated as ‘We go round and round in the night and are consumed by fire…’ The treatment in post-production of lens based/gathered information treated and reworked, counterpointing electroacoustic compositional practices derived from recording, working with and treating acousmatic source material. In Girum saw the collaborative methods take on a more dialogic form. Discussions during the production process informed early edits and workings of the source material. Exchanges of each others’ outputs during this process, being worked into and woven together, through an ongoing production process; passing developing versions of the work back and forth between composer and filmmaker leading to the final version.

In Girum was an official selection in the 2009 Edinburgh International Film Festival and also received an Honorable Mention of the Jury at the Abstracta International Abstract Cinema Exhibition, Rome, in August 2009.

Screenings, presentations, performances


Electroacoustic Juke Joint, Delta State University, Cleveland, Mississippi, November 2007 (preliminary edit).

MeCCSA (Media, Communication and Cultural Studies Association) Annual Conference, Cardiff University, January 2008.

‘Electroacoustic Movies and other films – a case study in media practice based research’ – Research Seminar; University of Sunderland, Media Research Centre, April 2008.

ElectroMediaWorks 08; Athens, Greece, May 2008.

Expo Brighton – Sonic Arts Network; Brighton July 2008.

Habitacion del Ruido/Arte Sonoro; Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, Mexico City, Mexico, August 2008.

Mexican Centre for Music and Sonic Arts; Morelia, Mexico, August 08.

The Works: Sounding Out 04; University of Sunderland, September 2008.

Journeys in Film – Beyond Film, Experimental Film Festival; Gala Theatre and Cinema, Durham, November 2008.

Australasian Computer Music Conference, Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Australia, 2008

Edinburgh International Film Festival; Edinburgh, June 2009.

Abstracta International Abstract Cinema Exhibition, Rome, August 2009 – Honourable Mention of the Jury.

Noise Floor Festival; Staffordshire University, January 2010.

Sichuan University Jinjiang College, Chengdu, China, August 2010

MuVi3 – Video and Moving Image: On Synesthesia and Visual Music, University of Almeira, Spain, Feb-March 2012.

International Festival of Projections, Lupino Cinema, University of Kent, March, 2016.

Invited Paper Presentation and Performance of Work;

Seeing Sound – Practice-led Research International Symposium, Bath Spa University, September 2009.

Featured in the book Video and Moving Image – on synaesthesia and visual music / MuVi 3 Ricco, D. and Jose de Cordoba, M. (eds) (2012) Ediciones Fundacion International Artecitta, Granada, Spain ISBN-13: 978-84-939054-3-9.

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