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mandragora pollen2

In the late 1990s, whilst based in Southampton, I got to know Brighton based Mandragora at the time that they were working on their album Pollen. We talked about putting some visuals together for live shows, and I edited a number of videos to various tracks from the album. This material included reworking and remixing some of the visuals from Groovy, Laidback and Nasty, as well as working with some other Super 8 animations from the early 1990s, that had been processed through a video vision mixer, initially at the University of Westminster in the mid 90s and then later in the broadcast edit suite where I worked in Southampton.

For various reasons this project never saw the light of day, though it did lay the foundations for later collaborations with Simon Williams of Mandragora and Phil Thornton under the Earthdance banner, with the production of a pilot DVD project and a live performance at Glastonbury festival in 2004.

Click on This (1999)

Bliss the Sky (1999)

Jazz Message (1999)


Earthdance – Live Audio Visual Projections; Glastonbury Music Festival, June 2004.
Journeys in Film – Beyond Film, Experimental Film Festival;
Gala Theatre and Cinema, Durham, November 2008.

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