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Electroacoustic Movies 2…

Sarva Mangalam! (aka Flags 3) screening at Seeing Sound international symposium, Bath Spa University, 2016.

The collaboration between electroacoustic composer Tim Howle and myself has continued following production of the four short films collected together as Electroacoustic Movies (2003-2008) with further video outputs, as well as screenings, live sound diffusion performances and a range of academic research outputs. We have presented papers about the collaboration at UK and international conferences, and published in a number of journals including Divergence, Screenworks, Sightlines and a special issue on Creative Practice in Filmmaking and Screen Production for Studies in Australasian Cinema.

2011 saw the production of Flags for The Engine Room festival celebrating the life and work of Cornelius Cardew, and in 2013 Globus Hystericus revisited older work arising from my 1980s Scratch video productions. We continued working on Flags developing it through two further re-iterations between 2015-18 and resulting in Sarva Mangalam! in 2018.

view: Globus Hystericus

view: Sarva Mangalam!

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